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We have been cleared to open up again for Dine in.

As before our employees that work closer than 6′ wear masks.  This is mainly in the back.  Our front counters have plastic barriers for pickups and payments.

As we are a restaurant there will now be people inside eating without masks.  If this is a concern, we still offer curb side pickup and contact free delivery.

Please ask for any requests when placing your order.

If you are craving some street food, come and join us Sat and Sun from Noon to 3pm.

We will be serving up:

Lincoln Street Dogs – crispy bacon, onion, jalapeno, mayo
Churo Bites
Loaded Waffle Fries
Horchata, Mimosas, Sangria and Aguas Frescas

With Fairs, Festivals all shut down by the government, we are filling in for the food we normally get all summer.

As a small business owner, the last few months have been stressful as I am sure many owners can attest to. Most of the time it was literally just do what you can to get through the day and see what happens tomorrow.

Then yesterday 3 young boys come in to buy a pizza, 2 brothers and a friend. While they were waiting for the pizza we were able to talk to them. We found out that they had spent the last 5 hours starting a lawn mowing service. They let the customers choose how much to pay and already had some of their own equipment.

After they left I was thinking, I am really impressed with them. When you mostly hear doom and gloom from the media, how most want something for nothing, sometimes you forget about most of us are still trying to do the right thing.

Thank you boys for making my day, also thanks to the parents that taught you these values. The people here in Lincoln, CA make this the best place I have ever lived.

This whole California shut down due to the covid-19 has been a crazy time. One bright spot is that the support from the Lincoln people that came in to wish us well was a boost to my days that I can’t describe. I know many may not be doing well; thankfully some are doing ok and helping out when they can.

The future still has questions but I’m sure if we all work together we can get through it.

Thank you Lincoln CA!

Keeping a clean restaurant has always been important to us. So we have always been Covid or germ ready. Placer County Health is real clear on how to stop the spread of disease. Not all places follow their guidelines but that is their job to check businesses in this county.

Currently Placer County is fine with us opening. California State on the other hand says we will loose our ABC liquor license if we open. To be clear the ABC does not do any kind of heath inspections. They monitor ABC rules like underage drinking etc.

The only question now is how my occupancy will work.

I have redone the seating to keep groups 6ft apart. I loose over 50% of my seating this way but I am willing to see if this helps.

new 6ft spacing

I can sanitize any area in my restaurant to be germ free in 15 seconds. It only takes 2 items.

new 6ft spacing

We have redone all our dine in seating.  Sadly this has dropped our seating to only 22 at a time.  This keeps each group 6ft apart.  Up to 4 people per group is our current seating plan.

We will be taking reservations.  This will allow us to completely sanitize the table and seats between each group of customers.

Please help reopen Placer county by calling our government leaders and posting using the #ReopenPlacer

If our voice is strong loud enough we will be heard.

Thank you all for your support, it is the friends we see everyday that makes this fight worthwhile.


Yes we have the Sunday Ticket and can show all games.  We are opening at 10am on Sundays now for the early NFL games.

Our trivia night is Wednesdays at 7pm.  Each week is a different category/theme.


1st Place – 20% off your bill

2nd Place – 15% off your bill

3rd Place 10% off you bill

Yes we sell beer to go.  We specialize in local craft beer, mostly 16oz cans.  All our beer is fresh, stored cold and you can mix and match 4 packs.

For you foodies that like flavor, to go along with our Jerk’D pizza and wings, we now offer bottles of Mama’s Own Original Hot Sauce and Extra Hot.

Mama’s Own Original Hot Sauce

This signature sauce is a family favorite created by Cedella Marley-Booker and is guaranteed to become a favorite in your kitchen.

Peppers, garlic, scallions, and thyme are some of the ingredients that create an unmatched flavor combination in Mama’s Own original recipe.

For the Extra Hot, instead of the habanero peppers and scotch bonnet peppers… this hot sauce uses red naga peppers which give it a little more kick.

Check out the crazy Scoville ratings.