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Germ free before Covid

Keeping a clean restaurant has always been important to us. So we have always been Covid or germ ready. Placer County Health is real clear on how to stop the spread of disease. Not all places follow their guidelines but that is their job to check businesses in this county.

Currently Placer County is fine with us opening. California State on the other hand says we will loose our ABC liquor license if we open. To be clear the ABC does not do any kind of heath inspections. They monitor ABC rules like underage drinking etc.

The only question now is how my occupancy will work.

I have redone the seating to keep groups 6ft apart. I loose over 50% of my seating this way but I am willing to see if this helps.

new 6ft spacing

I can sanitize any area in my restaurant to be germ free in 15 seconds. It only takes 2 items.