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A Bright Moment Despite the Chaos

As a small business owner, the last few months have been stressful as I am sure many owners can attest to. Most of the time it was literally just do what you can to get through the day and see what happens tomorrow.

Then yesterday 3 young boys come in to buy a pizza, 2 brothers and a friend. While they were waiting for the pizza we were able to talk to them. We found out that they had spent the last 5 hours starting a lawn mowing service. They let the customers choose how much to pay and already had some of their own equipment.

After they left I was thinking, I am really impressed with them. When you mostly hear doom and gloom from the media, how most want something for nothing, sometimes you forget about most of us are still trying to do the right thing.

Thank you boys for making my day, also thanks to the parents that taught you these values. The people here in Lincoln, CA make this the best place I have ever lived.